Attack Guide


As a member of the CP9, Blueno is able to use the martial art known as "Rokushiki". To practice the Rokushiki, it takes large amounts of both talent and effort in order to master, those who can get called "supermen" and have no rival.

Besides all this, Blueno has eaten the Doa Doa no Mi, which lets him to turn any surface into a door. He is even able to touch the air and create some sort of dimensional gate. This ability allows him to escape from battle, take prisoners through a passageway, or open doors in parts of the body of an opponent, either to confuse him or cause him to fall.

Air Doa

Kanji: 空気開扉(エアドア)
Translation: Air Door

Exactly the same as D"oa Doa" with the difference that this time Blueno opens the door in the air and this way he also disappears. With this doors he can cross great distances in short time or get into a parallel dimension.


Doa Doa

Kanji: ドアドア
Translation: Door Door

With only the contact of his body, Blueno can open a door anywhere. "Doa" is the romanization of the English word "Door".



Kanji: 月歩
Translation: Moon Walk

One of the six Rokushiki techniques. Trowing kick to the air Blueno can impulse him higher as he could fly.


Kaiten Doa

Kanji: 回転ドア
Translation: Revolving Door

Blueno opens a revolving door in the face of his opponent and makes it spin with the intention to make the enemy dizzy.



Kanji: 紙絵
Translation: Paper Drawing

One of the six Rokushiki techniques. This technique makes his body lighter (as a paper) and allows him to avoid all attack with easily.



Kanji: 嵐脚
Translation: Storm Leg

One of the six Rokushiki techniques. In this offensive technique they can raise a sharp wind beam kicking to the air.



Kanji: 指銃
Translation: Finger Gun

One of the six Rokushiki techniques. With this technique he makes his finger harder and moves it at such speed that manages to penetrate the human flesh, like the impact of a bullet.



Translation: Shave

One of the six Rokushiki techniques. Blueno moves his legs so fast that he goes faster than what the human eye can follow.



Kanji: 鉄塊
Translation: Iron Mass

One of the six Rokushiki techniques. This is a defensive technique in which his body becomes hardens until imitating the hardness of the iron. A blow with enough strengh is able "to break through" the Tekkai, damaging the user. Another weak point is that although it hardens the body, Blueno still is vulnerable to elements (as fire).


Tekkai: Gou

Kanji: 鉄塊 剛
Translation: Iron Mass: Strong

Almost the same as "Tekkai", but this time it's more resistant. According to Blueno's words, this is the strongest of all Tekkai forms.


Tekkai: Rin

Kanji: 鉄塊 輪
Translation: Iron Mass: Ring

Blueno begins to use cartwheel rolls with his legs extended while he activates the "Tekkai" to strike continuously to his opponent with his legs and makes him back down.


Tekkai: Sai

Kanji: 鉄塊 砕
Translation: Iron Mass: Crush

Blueno is impelled first with "Geppou" from the air against the opponent to attack directly falling from over him with a punch with the hardness of the iron.