Attack Guide

Big Pan

Dojou Coaster

Kanji: ドジョウコースター
Translation: Loach Coaster

After catching to his opponents with the combination of "Dojou Sukui Sliding" and "Dojou Racing Circus", Big Pan releases his feets and sends his opponent flying.


Dojou Racing Circus

Kanji: ドジョウレーシングサーカス
Translation: Loach Racing Circus

After using "Dojou Sukui Sliding" to catch the opponent, Big Pan holds his feet with the hands so that their opponents cannot escape. This combination is useful to Big Pan when his team mates needs time to recover after their opponents have sent them outside the field.


Dojou Sukui Sliding

Kanji: ドジョウすくいスライディング
Translation: Dojou Scoop Sliding

Big Pan throws under his opponents to catch them on his sliding skin. A loach is a large viscous fish.


Monster Burger

Kanji: モンスターバーガー
Translation: Monster Burger

The most powerful attack of the Groggy Monsters in that they use two steel bats, two swords and two giant pans (Hamburg, Pickles and Big Pan respectively). The three of them form a row. First Hamburg with his bats, then Pickles turning with the swords and finally, Big Pan striking his pans as cymbals. Then they run towards their opponents in row. We don't know the result of this technique, since Sanji and Zoro ruined their attack making Big Pan to squash Hamburg and Pickles stabbing the wotan.


Ningen Taihou

Kanji: 人間大砲
Translation: Human Cannon

A combined attack with Pickles. Pickles puts inside Big Pan's mouth, he spits out him with force and, finally, Pickles strikes to their opponent with a "Sling Tackle".


Punk Attack

Kanji: パンクアタック
Translation: Punk Attack

A combined attack with Hamburg. When Hamburg is still in the air after using the "Hamburger Hammer", Big Pan impels it against the opponent with a tremendous dunk. Hamburg also uses it while he wears his iron elbow pads to make it more painful.


Punk Pass

Kanji: パンクパス
Translation: Punk Pass

When he has his opponent slipping over his arm, Big Pan strikes him with force to send him flying far away. Normally, this attack is the first of a series of blows of the Groggy Monsters against the opposite Ballman with the intention to score a goal.


Punk Receive

Kanji: パンクレシーブ
Translation: Punk Receive

Big Pan throws himself slipping by the ground to impel one of its team mates by the air with a Volleyball blow.


Size Attack: S-M-L

Kanji: サイズアタック S-M-L
Translation: Size Attack: S-M-L

A combined attack of the Groggy Monster to leave they enemy ballman K.O. When this one is on the air, Hamburg jumps and strikes him against the ground, Pickles elevates him with a strong blow and Big Bread strikes him with a dunk. The attack this based on the statures of the Groggy Monster, being Hamburg a "Small" size, Pickles "Medium" size and Big Pan a "Large" size.


Too Bad Dance

Kanji: トゥーバッドダンス
Translation: Too Bad Dance

Big Bread takes advantage of his size to persecute his opponents with the intention to step over them. Big Pan can use with this attack a pair of boots with knives in the soles to increase the damage that he causes.