Attack Guide


Bellamy is the user of the Bane Bane no Mi, which Allows him to turn his legs (we don't know whether any other limb) into springs, and jump with them at high speed. Using this ability, he can rush mighty blows with momentum, making Bellamy a strong adversary.

Spring Death Knock

Kanji: スプリング死拳(デスノック)
Translation: Spring Death Knock

Bellamy turns one arm into a giant spring and returns a powerful punch.


Spring Hopper

Kanji: スプリング跳人(ホッパー)
Translation: Spring Hopper

A stronger version of "Spring Snipe". Bellamy turn his legs into springs again, but this time he ricochets off of several objects to gain speed and disorient opponents before striking.


Spring Snipe

Kanji: スプリング狙撃(スナイプ)
Translation: Spring Snipe

Bellamy turns both of his legs into springs, then launches himself at his opponent with a punch or tackle.