Attack Guide

Bartholomew Kuma

Kuma has eaten the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi, a fruit that lets you turn your hands into paws with which he is able to repel all sorts of things, and teleport himself. As he can also repel the atmosphere, Kuma is capable of launch small air pressure bombs that can damages his opponent. In addition to this ability, Kuma is a Cyborg called "Pacifist", a weapon designed by Dr. Vegapunk for the Marines. Thanks to these improvements, Kuma has a body much more resistant than the average human and is able to launch powerful beams similar to Kizaru's through his mouth that are even able to melt steel.

Whoever is touched by Kuma's paws, is sent flying to an unknown island for three days and three nights.

Pad Hou

Kanji: 圧力(パッド)砲
Translation: Pad Cannon

Making use of the Nikyu Nikyu ability, Kuma up in one of his paws enough atmosphere that at being launched against one or multiple opponents can explode and hurt them. The kanji used for this attack meas "pressure cannon".


Tsuppari Pad Hou

Kanji: つっぱり圧力(パッド)砲
Translation: Slapping Attack Pad Cannon

In a Sumo stance, Kuma focuses amounts of air into his paws, then he launch several Hou Pad repeatedly.


Ursus Shock

Kanji: 熊の衝撃(ウルスス・ショック)
Translation: Bear Shock

This is Kuma's deadliest attack. With two hands, Kuma focuses the nearest atmosphere, and concentrated it in just one paw. When he has finished, he holds it in his hands, then throw it against a whole group of enemies and make them explode. The explosion generated by this attack can destroy a whole island.