Attack Guide


Eisen Back

Kanji: 鉄の堤防(アイゼンバック)
Translation: Iron Embankment

Aum forms his sword into an iron wall and uses it for shielding or ramming. "Eisen Back" means "Iron Embankment" in German.


Eisen Fan

Kanji: 鉄の扇(アイゼンファン)
Translation: Iron Fan

Aum forms his sword into a fan and strikes the enemy in a sweeping motion.


Eisen Fleuret

Kanji: アイゼンフルーレ
Translation: Iron Foil

Aum makes his sword straight and stabs directly toward the enemy. "Fleuret" means "foil" in both French and German, a foil is a thin sword used in fencing.


Eisen Fork

Kanji: アイゼンフォーク
Translation: Iron Fork

Aum splits the tip of his sword into three prongs that can stab or slash.


Eisen Whip

Kanji: 鉄の鞭(アイゼンウィップ)
Translation: Iron Whip

Aum forms his sword into an extendable iron whip and travels straight at the opponent and can strike from a large distance away. "Eisen" is the German word for "iron".



Kanji: 心綱(マントラ)
Translation: Mantra

A ability possessed by Enel and his Priests that allows them to sense people's presences nearby and read their thoughts, however it does take a good deal of concentration to keep active.


Tetsu no Shiren

Kanji: 鉄の試練
Translation: Ordeal of Iron

Aum's Ordel of Iron, consists of many hidden Milky Dial configured to fire the iron cloud in the form of barbed wire when someone steps over a trap.