Attack Guide


Arlong is a gyojin. This condition makes him a mortal sea fighter, but outside the water he is even frightful, since a gyojin is five times stronger than the human beings.

Arlong belongs to the sawfish race. He has a sawn nose and sharpened teeth that supposedly are unbreakable. In addition, like all the other sharks ones he is able to recompose his set of teeth. Thanks to this, he usually remove his set of teeth to use it as a weapon.

Aside of his brute force, Arlong can also fight using a saw shaped sword, called Kiribachi.


Kanji: キリバチ
Translation: Saw-shaped Sword

In addition to his attacks Arlong sometimes wields a giant Kiribachi in battle. The sword itself is twice as long as Arlong himself and consists of a long handle with a metal pole extending from it, embedded in the pole are six triangular blades shaped like shark's teeth that form the actual blade.


Shark on Darts

Kanji: 鮫・ON DARTS(シャーク・オン・ダーツ)
Translation: Shark on Darts

Arlong launches himself at his opponent like a torpedo hoping to spear his opponent's with his prized saw-like (and allegedly unbreakable) nose. He usually does this by propelling himself from the water at insane speeds, but he can do it on land too by jumping or kicking off a solid object.


Shark on Tooth

Kanji: 鮫・ON 歯車(シャーク・オン・トゥース)
Translation: Shark on Tooth

Arlong launches himself forward similar to the Shark on Darts attack, but this time he opens his mouth wide and spins rapidly to use his sharp teeth to bore through the opponent like a core drill.


Tooth Gum

Kanji: 歯ガム(トゥースガム)
Translation: Tooth Gum

Arlong removes two sets of his own teeth (they grow back instantly) and takes one in each hand. He uses them like killer castanets, and a bite from them can easily rip through flesh, bones, stone, you name it.