Attack Guide


Alvida has eaten the Sube Sube fruit ("Sube" means "smooth" in Japanese), this fruit causes that his body became more beautiful and that repels all attack, his skin becomes smooth and slippery. Aside from her powers, Alvida can also use a giant iron mace to fight.

Sube Sube Spur

Kanji: スベスベシュプール
Translation: Smooth Smooth Ski Slope

Alvida's traveling technique; first she calls on Buggy's henchmen to set up her personal ramp or "Gelände" as she calls it. She then stands at the top of it and uses her Sube Sube powers to "ski" down it with her bare feet and gain speed so she can keep on "skiing" on the ground till she gets where she wants to go. The pun here is that "Spur" can mean "ski slope" or "frictionless movement" and in this case Alvida is doing both at the same time, also "Gelände" is the German word for "ski jumping".