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Chapter 1.108 Manga Plus

Publicado: Dom Feb 25, 2024 4:33 pm
por Citan
Answer, world:

Caribou claims to have valuable information for Teach, he intends to use everything he learned about the Ancient Weapons thanks to the Straw Hat crew. Meanwhile, on the coast the Vice Admirals confront the Pacifistas. Vice Admiral Tosa tries to neutralize Bonney's group, but he is instantly knocked out by the giants. Saturn makes it back to where Luffy, Sanji and Vegapunk are. However, something has changed on the Gorousei, he looks different now. While Luffy fights Saturn again, Sanji tries to flee with Vegapunk, but they are neutralized by Kizaru, who shoots one of his lasers through Vegapunk. Luffy becomes gigantic and holds Saturn and Kizaru in his hands, while Sanji shouts at Vegapunk to answer him. At the same time, a recording of Vegapunk with a message to the world self-reproduces in the laboratory. Everyone is about to learn the truth about this world.


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