Momotaro and One Piece

Momotaro is famous a Japanese hero, his name comes from "momo", peach and "taro", older son. He is known in histories as a demons killer, the real "giant-slayer". In One Piece we have been able to see references from Oda to this history in several times, the marine Admirals are inspired in the animals that helped Momotaro, the events of Ohara with the Momotaro's attack of to Onigashima, he even parodied it in an occasion putting Usopp in the Momotaro's place in his search of men's form this fight with the help of 8.000 rice balls...

The legend

The legend starts with an old woodcutter in search of firewood while her woman washed the clothes in the river. After finishing her task the woman observed a gigantic peach that lowered by the river. With the help of a long wood she took it to house where, after washing it, she put it in front of his husband when she returned to the home to eat it. The woodcutter had not begun to cut the peach when a baby arose from the bone. Since the pair didn't have children, they took it as a gift from skies, thinking that it had been sent them to console and to help them with work.

Momotaro, "the peach song", grew to become a strong brave young boy who made lots of feats getting everyone admiration. The day in which he announced that he had decided to leave home to march to the Demons Island, Onigashima, decided to take a part of the treasure there, where the Oni (Demons) resided that once in a while came to their town to commit looting. Her adoptive mother prepared rice balls to him and she wished all her best on him. His father gave him a sword and he told him how proud he was. Then Momotaro leave the old pair in a very affectionate way and go on his journey.

As soon as he leave the young hero meet a dog which asked him where he went, Momotaro said him that to Onigashima to face demons, the dog offered to help him but in return he request one of his rice balls.

In a sort time Momotaro meet a monkey which was in a tree, screamed asking to him to him where he went, Momotaro answered him in the same way that he had done with the dog. Them the monkey requested a rice ball promising to help him in the expedition, and when he received it he joined the boy and the dog.

The following animal that the boy meted was a pheasant that like the rest decided to accompany them after receiving in return a rice ball.

When they arrived at the Demons Island, Onigashima, went to the fortress in which the King of the Demons resided. The pheasant entered flying to exert of spy. Later the monkey climbed up the wall and opened the door so that Momotaro and the dog could enter without difficulty. The demons saw the intruders and tried to kill them. Momotaro fought intensely, helped by the animals, and could kill or disperse the demons. They could, then, penetrate in the real palace and took Akandoji prisoner, King of the Demons. This great demon was arranged to brandish his terrible iron club but Momotaro, who was an expert in the fight jiu-jitsu, cached the demon and throw them. With the aid of the monkey he could tie to him. Momotaro threatened killing Akandoji if this one did not reveal where the treasure was hidden. The king ordered his crew members to pay tribute to the son of the Peach and brought him the treasure in which was included the cap and the shelter of invisibility, a magical jewels which they controlled the flow and the ebb tide of the ocean, gems that shone in the dark and a badly provided protection against all evil to those that wear them, turtle shells, jade amulets and great amount of gold and silver.

Momotaro took as much amount of treasures as he could take and he returned to house being a very rich man. He made a great house where he lived with his adoptive parents.