Venice and Water Seven: Cities of water

In order to create Water Seven Oda was inspired without doubt by Venice. Venice is the city of the channels, is the capital of the region of Véneto. It is located on a set of islands that extend in a marshy lagoon in the Adriatic Sea, between the openings of the river Po (South), and Piave (North) to the northeast of Italia. Venice is composed by 120 islands united to each other by 450 bridges. The entrance to Venice is from mainland by the Translagoon Bridge that accedes to the Piazzale Rome.

Aqua Laguana and Aqua Alta

In Water Seven there is a periodic flood, the tide descends and soon returns with big waves that finish raising the level of the sea causing that the island every time floods more. This effect is called Aqua Laguna and is inspired by another similar phenomenon that occurs in Venice, the Aqua Alta.

From the foundation of Venice the city has undergone the effects of periodic floods. At the present time the city is considered in serious threat by the repeated floods. In spring and autumn the Aqua Alta takes place twice a day and the place of San Marcos is flooded of water to such an extent that they have to place wood footbridges for people to cross.


The typical transport of Venice is the gondola with which people move by its channels. The channels are famous, which compose a great framework as a streets which they leave from the Great Channel, that is like a great avenue by where they run multitude of boats, great and small, being these last known as gondola.

In One Piece these boats have been replaced by the Yagara Bulls as the gondolas and the King Bulls for greater boats.


The most popular celebration of Venice is the carnival whose tradition goes back, possibly, to Century XI when Venice began to marine dominates important portions of the Mediterranean Sea. Aristocrats of all Europe come to it, in search of diversion and pleasure. With the decay of Venice like being able merchant and military man, the carnival waned almost until disappearing. The carnival of characterized Venice this because their participants use elaborated masks to cover their faces. These celebrations gave rise to much mystery and crimes because under those masks people could hide their face and act in the maximum anonymity without raising suspicion.

In One Piece also we can see a reference to this celebration, supposedly in San Ferudo, one of the shutdowns of the Umi Ressha, they are celebrating carnivals where people go masked. In Water Seven we can see people masked by the street, travellers who go to these carnivals or even stores that sell these masks, the one of our dear Pandaman including ^^. This dance of mask is also represented in its negative side, with the crimes, it is this case taken by the secret agents of the CP9.

Characters inspired in Popeye

The other face of this Venice. The style of One Piece has always been somewhat out of proportion and even with bizarre characters, why not say it. But with arrival at Water Seven this rise to higher quotes.

These characters are inspired by the mythical Popeye animation series. The main character would represent one of the important characters of this saga, Franky. Like Popeye, Franky has muscles of its arms exaggerated developed, however while the source of Popeye power were the spinach, Franky uses cola as his fuel.

Other characters which can relate are Bluto and Blueno. Bluto was the archenemy of Popeye, the history always began as "friend" finished turned the bad one. In One Piece Blueno it is introduced as the waiter of a bar and friend of Franky.

The following relation we found in Olive and the Square Sisters. Olive was the usual lady in hardships inside Popeye's adventures, his girlfriend. Since in One Piece Oda decided to not introduce any love, there isn't this kind of relation between the Square Sister and Franky but they share the extended design of legs and arms with Olive.