Attack Guide


Trébol has eaten the Beta Beta no Mi, a Logia fruit that allows him to transform into a sticky substance. Thanks to it, Trébol is able to pull heavy things and hold his opponent in that substance, without allowing them to move.

The sticky substance that he produces is highly flammable, so any contact with fire can cause a huge explosion.

Beta Beta Chain

Kanji: ベタベタチェーン
Translation: Sticky Chain

Trébol creates a huge sticky chain with his ability, able to grab any object, no matter how heavy or large it may be.


Beta Betton Launcher

Kanji: ベタベットン・ランチャー
Translation: Stick Launcher

Beta Betton: Meteora

Kanji: ベタベットン 流星(メテオーラ)
Translation: Stick: Meteora

After using his "Beta Beta Chain" technique on a large object, Trébol throws it crashing it against his target, creating a huge destructive impact.


Beto Launcher

Kanji: ベトランチャー
Translation: Sticky Launcher


Hanamizu Shinken Shirahadori

Kanji: ハナ水真剣白刃取り
Translation: Nasal Mucus Sword Capture