Attack Guide


As a member of the CP9, Kumadori is able to use the martial art known as "Rokushiki". To practice the Rokushiki, it takes large amounts of both talent and effort in order to master, those who can get called "supermen" and have no rival.

Kumadori also is an expert of the "Shimei Kikan" art which consist in the control of all body parts, including the hair, which, Kumadori used to attack and strangle his rivals. In fact, we have never saw Kumadori using his finger to perform "Shigan", he always used his hair or his metal rod.


Kanji: 月歩
Translation: Moon Walk

One of the six Rokushiki techniques. Trowing kick to the air Kumadori can impulse him higher as he could fly.


Haru Gin Jou

Kanji: 春・吟・情
Translation: Spring Poem Passion

Kumadori rises his staff over his shoulder and jumps towards the opponent to pierce him.



Kanji: 紙絵
Translation: Paper Drawing

One of the six Rokushiki techniques. This technique makes his body lighter (as a paper) and allows him to avoid all attack with easily.


Kanji: 嵐脚
Translation: Storm Leg

One of the six Rokushiki techniques. In this offensive technique they can raise a sharp wind beam kicking to the air.

Rankyaku: Renge

Kanji: 嵐脚 蓮華
Translation: Storm Leg: Lotus Flower

Kumadori launches continuously "Rankyaku" while he is in the air.


Seimei Kikan

Kanji: 生命帰還
Translation: Life Return

A technique that consists in ganing the absolute control over your body. Thanks to it, Kumadori controls his own hair. When he uses this technique the movements of his hair looked like the tentacles of a octopus, although Kumadori insists on comparing them with the mane of a lion.


Seimei Kikan: Kami Shibari

Kanji: 生命帰還 髪縛り
Translation: Life Return: Hair Knot

Using "Seimei Kikan", Kumadori tries to grab the opponent with his hair.


Seimei Kikan: Shishi Shigan

Kanji: 生命帰還 獅子指銃
Translation: Life Return: Lion Finger Gun

Kumadori uses his hair, which he can control as his own, to create hair hands to make "Shigan" with them.


Seimei Kikan: Shouka, Kyuushuu

Kanji: 生命帰還 消化 吸収
Translation: Life Return: Digestion, Absorption

Kumadori uses this technique to turn back his body to his normal shape after getting fat for eating all the food from the refrigerator in which Chopper locked him into.



Kanji: 切腹
Translation: Belly Cutting

Seppuku or harakiri is the Japanese ritual suicide by disembowelment. Kumadori never culminates his suicide since he ends it using "Tekkai", acording to him, his deceased mother protecs him from diying.



Kanji: 指銃
Translation: Finger Gun

One of the six Rokushiki techniques. With this technique he makes his finger harder and moves it at such speed that manages to penetrate the human flesh, like the impact of a bullet.

Shigan Q

Kanji: 指銃 Q
Translation: Finger Gun Q

Kumadori uses this variation of "Shigan" that consists on using his staff for the attack instead of his finger.


Shish Kebab

Kanji: 獅子樺蕪 (シシカバブ)
Translation: Shish Kebab

Kumadori tries to pierce the oponent with his staff, this staff starts burning at striking. The "Shish Kebab", is a plate of lamb meat from Arab origins. The kanji used is "Lion Birch Nothingness".



Translation: Shave

One of the six Rokushiki techniques. Kumadori moves his legs so fast that he goes faster than what the human eye can follow.



Kanji: 鉄塊
Translation: Iron Mass

One of the six Rokushiki techniques. This is a defensive technique in which his body becomes hardens until imitating the hardness of the iron. A blow with enough strengh is able "to break through" the Tekkai, damaging the user. Another weak point is that although it hardens the body, Kumadori still is vulnerable to elements (as fire).


Tekkai: Gou

Kanji: 鉄塊 剛
Translation: Iron Mass: Strong

Almost the same as "Tekkai", but this time it's more resistant. According to Blueno's words, this is the strongest of all Tekkai forms.


Yana Gin Jou

Kanji: 柳・吟・情
Translation: Willow Verse Passions

After catching the opponent with "Seimei Kikan", Kumadori aims with the staff helping of his hand like he ould use "Shigan Q" and tries to pierce him.