Attack Guide


According Jerry himself, he is native from a South Blue island where he was a boxing champion. For the attack, he uses boxing techniques, although in his attacks he completely forgets the rules of boxing and uses kicks.

Jerry Aurora Flicker Jab

Kanji: ジェリー オーロラ フリッカー ジャブ
Translation: Jerry Aurora Flicker Jab

A rain of of fast boxing jabs, although once he starts the attack Jerry usually doesn't pay attention where he strikes.


Screw Drop Kick

Kanji: スクリュー ドロップ キック
Translation: Screw Drop Kick

From the "Yoga One Two" stance, Jerry turns over himself and he sends himself in a revolving frontal kick against his opponent. If he finds a wall he can use it to lean and to resume the attack.


Yoga One Two

Kanji: ヨガ1・2(ワン・トゥー)
Translation: Yoga One Two

According to Jerry, a yoga stance that gives him advantage in close places, although in fact it only shortens his reach.