Attack Guide

Emporio Ivankov

Ivankov has eaten Horu Horu no Mi, a fruit that allows his body to produce any type of hormones: from healing to those in exchange for sex. To use them, Ivankov grow his nails, which will serve as injections.

Apart from this ability, Ivankov is an Okama Kempo expert, using the ability to change his sex, Ivankov is able to get more speed in this art.

Death Wink

Kanji: DEATH WINK(デス・ウィンク)
Translation: Death Wink

Using an uncanny ability, Ivankov is capable of sending opponents flying, and enemy attacks (as cannonballs), by a single "wink". This skill was used to deflect the Admirals' attacks.


Emporio Chiyu Hormon

Kanji: エンポリオ・治癒ホルモン
Translation: Emporio Healing Hormone

Using the Horu Horu no MI, Ivankov produces the necessary amount of healing hormones from his body, and administered them to a patient. Ivankov said that these hormones are very powerful and can kill the patient if he has no will to live. According to Ivankov, the healing process takes about 20 hours straight, and when administered in Luffy, was surprised by the will to live of it, since it was cured in less than 10 hours. Because of this ability, Ivankov was called in earlier times "Miracle Man", though it hates this nickname, since Ivankov think a miracle is not something to be treated lightly. "Hormon" comes from the German word designated for "hormone".


Emporio Ganmen Seichou Hormon

Kanji: エンポリオ・顔面成長ホルモン
Translation: Emporio Face Growth Hormone

Using the ability of the Horu Horu no Mi, Ivankov produces growth hormones in his body. After turning his hands on needles, he inject them into his face, which grows to become giant. With this, Ivankov often use the attack "Hell Wink" or even, he can hide in his afro a whole army.


Emporio Onna Hormon

Kanji: エンポリオ・女ホルモン
Translation: Emporio Woman Hormone

Using the Horu Horu no Mi, Ivankov produces the necessary amount of sex hormones to change the sex of an adversary. This technique also can be performed on himself, and in his female version, Ivankov's attacks are weaker, but faster.


Emporio Tension Hormon

Kanji: エンポリオ・テンションホルモン
Translation: Emporio Tension Hormone

Using the Horu Horu no Mi, Ivankov Ivankov produces the necessary amount of adrenaline hormones that he injected into a person who is capable of having an impressive overactive. Ivankov mention this shouldn't be consider this adrenaline dope as a cure, since it only fools the mind about the damage that the body has received.


Ganmen Spectrum: Galaxy Wink

Kanji: GANMEN・残像 銀河・WINK(ギャラクシー・ウィンク)
Translation: Facial Spectrum: Galaxy Wink

Using the ability of the Horu Horu no Mi, Ivankov grows his head to a colossal size. Then, moving with amazing speed, Ivankov repeatly starts throwing "Death Wink's".


Hell Wink

Kanji: 地獄のWINK(ヘル・ウィンク)
Translation: Hell Wink

Using the "Emporio Ganmen Seichou Hormon" to growth his head, Ivankov uses a "Wink Death", but much more powerful.


New Kama Kenpo 44 no Aesthe Ougi: Mudageshori Ken

Kanji: ニューカマー拳法44のエステ奥義 夢打撃処裏拳
Translation: Aesthetic Art 44 Ultimate Technique: Waxing Fist

Ivankov takes a Okama Kenpo stance, crossing his hands in a karate stance and releasing several karate chops on his adversary.


Rolling Aesthe

Kanji: ローリング・エステ
Translation: Rolling Aesthe

Rolling his whole body, Ivankov evades enemy attack at high speed.