Attack Guide

Donquixote Doflamingo

Donquixote Doflamingo, one of the Shichibukai, is a powerful and agile pirate who has eaten the Ito Ito no Mi, which allows him to create all kinds of yarns able to cut anything. This fruit also gives him the ability to weave invisible yarns between clouds and swinging on them, like if he were flying.

What's more, this fruit gives hin the dangerous ability to take control of his opponents, controling them like a puppeteer pulling the strings of a marionette.

Besides all this, Doflamingo is a skilled melee fighter and is able to use the dynasty traits Ambition. Thanks to this, he can make the weak will opponents to faint.

To neutralize his fallen rivals, Doflamingo also carries a gun that he uses to finish them off.

16-patsu no Seinaru Kyoudan: God Thread

Kanji: 16発の聖なる凶弾 神誅殺(ゴッドスレッド)
Translation: 16 Sacred Assasin's Bullets: God Thread


Kanji: 足剃糸(アスリイト)
Translation: Athlete

Billow White

Kanji: 大波白糸(ビローホワイト)
Translation: Billow White

Black Knight

Kanji: 影騎糸(ブラックナイト)
Translation: Black Knight

Doflamingo creates an exact copy of himself made of yarn. This double is able to speak, act and fight as if it were the original.


Break White

Kanji: 荒浪白糸(ブレイクホワイト)
Translation: Break White



Kanji: 武装
Translation: Armaments

Doflamingo cover his flamenco feather coat with armaments kind Ambition to defend himself from any attack.

Ever White

Kanji: 海原白波
Translation: Ever White

Full Blight

Kanji: 降無頼糸(フルブライト)
Translation: Full Blight



Kanji: 五色糸(ゴシキート)
Translation: Five Colors Yarn

Doflamingo uses his ability to create five cutting threads from the tips of his fingers. With a fast move of his arm, these threads create five sharp lines to attack his enemy.



Kanji: 糸ノコ
Translation: Coping Saw


Kumo no Sugaki

Kanji: 蜘蛛の巣がき
Translation: Spider Web



Kanji: 盾白糸(オフホワイト)
Translation: Off-White


Kanji: 超過鞭糸(オーバーヒート)
Translation: Excess Yarn Whip

Doflamingo concentrates a lot of yarns on one wrist, and then make them rigid, as if it were a huge whip. This attack is so powerful that it's able to cut in half a building. The kanji used for this attack means "Excess Yarn Whip".



Kanji: 寄生糸(パラサイト)
Translation: Parasite

Doflamingo's technique to take control over people. Doflamingo throws some yarns into the air that fall on one or more direct rivals. These are initially immobilized, but then, making some puppeteer movements with his hand, Doflamingo can control the bodies of his victims against their will. The kanji used for this attack means "Parasite Yarn".

Senbon no Ya: Flap Thread

Kanji: 千本の矢 羽撃糸(フラップスレッド)
Translation: Thousand Arrows: Flap Thread


Kanji: 弾糸(タマイト)
Translation: Bullet Yarn

From his index fingers, Doflamingo shoots at his rival some fast yarns, like if they were pistol bullets.



Kanji: 鳥カゴ
Translation: Birdcage

Doflamingo's most cruel and bloody tactic. Using the "Marionette", Doflamingo creates a huge yarn net around an entire island, as a bird cage. The yarns remain taut enough to cut anyone who tries to cross them, as if they were sharp blades. Once the trap is prepared, Doflamingo uses his "Parasite" attack to cause the trapped victims to fight each other, with the intention that no one inside the cage remains alive.


Yatsu no Pace

Kanji: 奴のペース
Translation: That Guy's Pace

This is not really an attack, is the way that Trafalgar Law and Usopp call Doflamingo's ability to dissuade his rivals from any negotiation.